A Letter to Patients and Staff in Hospital Over Christmas



Christmas is a holiday associated with family, friends, happiness and celebration. From the 1st of December, it seems as if we’re all expected to transform into happy-go-lucky Christmas tree decorators, mince pie eaters and carol singers… but for many people these lovely things are the last things on their minds. For many, these optimistic expectations can amplify their feelings of pressure, sadness, isolation and stress. Understandably, for those spending Christmas in hospital, it can be an exceptionally painful time.

I want to let anybody who knows that they will be in hospital on Christmas day, that you are not forgotten and that you are in thoughts of everyone here at CAMHeleon / Star Wards. Please do what you can to help yourselves get through this period and if you can, please reach out to others for support. Understandably, things are really tough right now so please do whatever you can to give yourself the ultimate gift of self-love and care that you deserve.

Not everyone works office hours and there any many heroic ward staff who will be giving up their Christmas dinner for a very busy shift. A quick mince pie and a well-deserved brew might be all they get. I want to sincerely thank the nurses, health care assistants and other ward staff who are working this Christmas. By leaving your families and friends so you can come into work to care for your patients who are sadly separated from their’s, you are providing some much-needed light to them during this potentially very difficult holiday period. Christmas is a time for giving and reaching out to those around us and you are all doing it beautifully.


With love and appreciation,

Nina, Service User Consultant


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