CAMHeleon is a project of the social justice charity Bright which provides practical ideas and inspiring examples from and for mental health ward staff. Many wards are enjoying introducing small changes which make a massive difference to patients.

Bright's first project Star Wards was set up by Bright’s founder, Marion Janner OBE, following her time as a detained patient.

Read more here: www.starwards.org.uk

CAMHeleon was conceived and developed by Nic Higham (Star Wards’ Inpatient Care Project Manager), who is an adoptive father, recovery college tutor, and a qualified mental health practitioner with over 10 years’ experience of mental health inpatient care, including CAMHS. Nic works alongside Marion Janner (Star Wards’ Chief Executive), Buddy Janner (Advisor on 4 legged issues, food, sniffing and taking it easy) and Geoff Brennan (Star Wards’ Executive Director).

It’s sort of © Bright 2016, but that’s only to stop others flogging it for profit. We very much hope it will be widely copied and circulated.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

We’re very, very grateful to everyone who has helped us create CAMHeleon, in particular:

  • Our wonderful funders (Allen Lane Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, John Ellerman FoundationLankellyChase Foundation, Monument Trust). Big thanks also to New Philanthropy Capital for managing another grant from a family foundation.

  • Star Wards’ trustees

  • Lisa Harris and Tracy Graham at Woodland House (South London and Maudlsey NHS Foundation Trust)

  • Jane Saddington at Bennion Centre (Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust)

  • Allie Carr and team at Malcolm Arnold House Adolescent Pathway (St Andrew's Northampton)

  • Dr Miranda Wolpert and Professor Peter Fonagy at Anna Freud Centre and Kate Martin at Common Room Consulting Ltd.

  • Henry Stewart –Happy

  • Our marvellous editor Stephanie Robertson @ www.13souls.com

Thanks especially to Woodlands House young people’s unit in Kent, whose approach to us instigated this project and who have contributed hugely to the concepts and contents. Their staff and patients have been so generous with their time and expertise. Fabulously they have not only created a youth version of our Ward Buddy recovery companion, Woodlands Youth Buddy, but have turned this into an app! St Andrew’s Northampton CAMHS, a specialist national hospital, have also enthusiastically contributed to CAMHeleon, and we’re really grateful. Big thanks for the feedback and input guys, and for the awesome ward pics which can be seen throughout the site (thanks Laura Keon!).

Finally, we are beyond indebted to the hundreds of staff and patients who so generously share their experiences, views and expertise with us and welcome Marion, Buddy, Nic and Geoff into their wards and lives. We're bursting with admiration for their kindness and fortitude.

Thank you!