Learning and Growth

A Quick Summary


Learning for health and life...

This theme focuses on how therapeutic relationships can nurture healthy development and gentle movement towards a young person’s own idea of holistic success. This involves the young person learning how to independently manage their symptoms and utilise available treatment, as well as gaining new essential life skills, which they can carry into their everyday life. A coaching approach can be really useful in clarifying how the young person will know when they’ve reached their goals, and what they’re already doing to reach them. While on a young people’s ward, they can be supported in working towards solutions, and in uncovering the skills that are needed.

It’s within young people’s emotional connections that they develop a fuller sense of themselves and a capacity for relating. Psychosocial nursing can be used to explore areas of difficulty, and to work on positive changes in a young person’s relationships and behaviour - changes that are important to them. Both education and nursing staff can find a good balance between the young person’s right to education, and what they can take on board while feeling unwell.


A Random Idea:

Make sure young people can access support quickly if they are in crisis.


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Leisure and Growth