Leisure and Therapeutic Activity

A Quick Summary


Constructive, therapeutic, meaningful and enjoyable things to do...

This theme aims to champion young people having constructive, therapeutic, meaningful and enjoyable things to do while in hospital, and maintaining, as far as possible, activities from their home life. CAMHS staff have the gift of thinking creatively and flexibly yet are able to retain appropriate boundaries.

When the ward offers regular opportunities to reflect on behaviours and situations, young people are able to use the space as a reference point for their own experience of themselves and others. The ward community can help acknowledge and celebrate achievements and success and offer rewards. Ward groups offer time to reflect with others, and a place for safely trying out new behaviours and ways of interacting. Most wards draw influence from theoretical values developed in therapeutic communities, which emphasise the importance of psychosocial nursing and a living-learning therapeutic environment.


A Random Idea:

Create a culture within schools that values mental health.


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Leisure and Therapeutic Activity
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