On and Off the Ward

A Quick Summary

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Feel-good connections, home and away...

Caring connections and relationships are essential for happiness. This theme emphasises the feel-good factors of community spirit, generosity, kindness and respect. We enthusiastically urge ward staff to be aware that there are certain people and places that are especially dear to young people. While on the ward, young people can be helped to retain and build on community ties. A psychosocial model of care involves supporting young people to develop and maintain social networks and relationships. Families especially, can be very involved and effective partners in the care and recovery of young people, but community resources are also important, including local facilities, schools, colleges, places of worship, shops, sports interests, entertainment, leisure activities and so on. Keeping a connection to these and other community circles is crucial and aids resilience.

The ward community also offers companionship, support, safety and therapeutic activities. Great wards establish and sustain a noticeable culture of positive interdependence, mutual support and individual responsibility, which can feel empowering and confidence-boosting to young people.


A Random Idea:

Make sure that the right support is in place for all young people, that all parents, carers and teachers understand about suicide risk and that young people are equipped to look after their emotional well-being before life's pressures become overwhelming.


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