A Quick Summary


Making sense of things...

This theme is all about the young person making the most of their time on the ward, by getting a good understanding of their current situation, what led to it and the choices available to them. It’s also about giving young people information in a clear and relevant way, and supporting them to manage their symptoms and treatment. This involves explaining why certain rules are in place, and being clear about what’s expected of them.

Understanding in the ward setting is dynamic and everyone involved in the young person’s care needs a good grasp of what’s happening and what the best way forward is – including the young person of course.

Through mindful and sensitive work, the team, always working at the young person’s pace, forms a relationship with them where the young person can begin to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and gradually work through their difficulties. What really helps is a commitment to tolerating the massive anxieties and raw panic that stimulates young people into attempting to reject and disrupt the help they need.


A Random Idea:

Reach out and talk to people, to whomever you think might be able to help and be understanding.


Caring Relationships
Opportunity and Expression
Leisure and Therapeutic Activity
On and Off the Ward
Relational and Physical Safety
Family and Friends
Unique Recovery Journeys
Leisure and Growth