Unique Recovery Journeys

A Quick Summary


Finding hope, learning skills and moving forward..

Although being on the ward is tough, it can provide a secure base that nurtures young people to explore pathways, develop new relationships, learn new, healthier patterns of behaviour and to check out their internal working models (how they see themselves and the world) and develop more positive, helpful ones.

A CAMHS ward stay is a good opportunity for young people to rehearse new coping skills, so they’re better prepared when these skills are needed. For a lot of young people, recovery means a sense of worth and to leave the ward having had a safe and nurturing period in which to prepare for their next step in life. Recovery is about growing and finding hope. It’s about young people’s whole lives and is possible for everyone. Goals can be moulded by staff, but only from the raw material provided by the young person. It is at this time in their lives, perhaps more than any other, that young people need a helper who can support them to nourish and maintain their uniqueness and their many qualities, talents and attributes.


A Random Idea:

Provide regular professional training for all who work with children and young people—teachers, nurses, youth workers, GPs, and A&E workers etc.


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Unique Recovery Journeys
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