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  • How therapeutic relationships can nurture healthy development and gentle movement towards a young person’s own idea of holistic success
  • The importance of involvement, influence and self-expression, and the benefits of shared decision making
  • Championing constructive, therapeutic, meaningful and enjoyable ward activities.
  • How caring connections and relationships are essential for happiness, and the feel-good factors of community spirit, generosity, kindness and respect
  • Helping young people to make the most of their time on the ward through getting a good understanding of both their current situation, what led to it, and the choices available to them
  • Creating an environment that reduces anxiety and enables young people to feel emotionally and physically secure, especially when in crisis
  • The importance of involvement of and contact with parents, carers, family and friends
  • Helping young patients to find hope, learn new skills and move forward in their recovery and developmental journey
  • Finding a good balance between the young person’s right to education and what they can take on board while feeling unwel


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