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There’s some new stuff, some stuff you’ll already know but may perhaps find presented here in a refreshing way. Huge thanks to all the wards which have generously shared their great examples and ideas. Like its bigger sister Wardipedia, CAMHeleon relies on practitioners’ contributions – the 500+ examples are just the start! Ward staff like YOU help make CAMHeleon really useful for everyone! Please do send us details of work that you feel particularly proud of so that others round the country (and globe!) can also benefit from your achievements. They can be seemingly big or small; we’d love to hear about anything you’re doing! Please click here to contact us.

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Caring Relationships

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Opportunity and Expression

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Leisure and Therapeutic Activity

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On and Off The Ward

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Relational And Physical Safety

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Family and Friends

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Unique Recovery Journeys

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Learning and Growth

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Here's just a taste of what's inside:

"If a young person finds it difficult in large groups, staff will work with them to understand their unease. We might build a tool box of skills which can be used to confront this in a safe environment. Working towards feeling more socially at ease is often a goal which can continue after they leave the ward."

"Ward management map staff skills at least annually, through supervision, appraisal, the use of core competency frameworks."

“Once a month we have a friendly, furry visitor from Pets As Therapy. The dogs’ visits give young people an opportunity to show caring and kindness and the owners encourage young people to interact socially around a safe topic of discussion. We are currently developing a programme whereby young people can take a dog out for walks in the local area.”

"Young people always know what they are expected to eat and drink, and no sudden surprises or changes to their diet plan will occur during the meal."

"Young people can get involved in our evening and weekend activities including football, badminton, board games, arts and crafts, gym sessions, basketball, quiz nights, film nights and hair and beauty sessions. Staff work with them to draw up an individualised activity plan so they can structure their week and plan their time with us."
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