Internet safety from Islington CAMHS

Islington CAMHS spoke to young people to help them learn about internet safety and to find out what works well for them to keep safe online. The young people they spoke to gave them lots of tips and ways to keep safe online. Here’s a taste:

The internet is great for lots of reasons including …

  • Communication – such as interacting and talking to people.
  • Information – good for schoolwork, finding out updated information quickly and also having access to the news and maps.
  • Entertainment – streaming entertainment on websites such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer and also playing games.
  • Safety – young people told us they have used their phones to help them get out of tricky situations.

Top tips include:

  • Use a ‘phone jar’ – give yourself a target of how many times you go on your phone and if you go over, you have to put money in the phone jar.
  • Tell friends about the consequences of sharing information online, such as employers or prospective employers seeing posts and photos etc.
  • Don’t post when you’re upset /overly happy/ angry or in a different mood than usual.

Read the full guide here

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