Below are some ‘off the shelf’ answers young patients can use when talking to their friends and family about their time in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) hospital – before, during and after their stay. They were researched and created by the AWESOME Nina Martynchyk following her experiences of being a CAMHS inpatient. We really hope they’ll be shared online and in face-to-face conversations making disclosure a little bit easier.


“The shareable phrases can be used by children and young people who are receiving inpatient mental health care to help explain their hospitalisation to their family and friends,” says Nina. “During my experience of being an inpatient, I often found it difficult to know how to talk to those close to me about my stay in hospital. Therefore, I sincerely hope that these quotes can be catalysts for open, honest conversations between the sufferer and their loved ones.”


We’ll keep adding more to this page as they are posted on Twitter. Feel free to make your own using the hashtags #camhshelpedme or #mhcarehelps.