How CAMHeleon Can Be Used

As always with Star Wards resources, this is completely up to you. We just provide ideas and resources and wards adapt and add to these in fantastic, energising, creative ways. There’s some stuff which might be new to you along with some stuff you’ll already know presented here in a refreshing way.

One of the main functions of CAMHeleon is to provide easy access to the excellent relevant resources that already exist but which took us months to discover in the depths of the Internet, as well as Star Wards’ continuous efforts for ward staff to feel appreciated and effective.
We’ve aimed to present the most important aspects of inpatient care in the most accessible way to save you spending hours surfing the web for reliable information. We also appreciate that ward staff already have a lot on their plates and we have heaps of admiration and empathy for just how challenging and stretching your job is. This site, therefore, aims to communicate CAMHS ward ‘greatest hits’ in a colourful and clear way so you can easily select what’s most helpful at any given time. Furthermore, CAMHeleon will keep evolving and adapting to her ever changing environment – we’ll keep adding new resources and ideas, so do please visit us again soon.

We’re always very very grateful for emails from staff letting us know how they’re using our resources. So if you find CAMHeleon helpful, please tell us how you’re translating it into practice! Click here to contact us

Benchmarking and Self-evaluation

Keep track of the COLOURFUL Themes you introduce by using the benchmarking sheet. The sheet allows you to give comments and record actions so that you can provide specific details of how your service meets the young people’s needs in the nine areas.

All CAMHS wards that manage to have all (relevant) COLOURFUL Themes in place are eligible for the COLOURFUL Award.

Read about the CAMHeleon COLOURFUL Award here

Other suggestions on How to Use CAMHeleon

You can use CAMHeleon in all sorts of ways, including:


Practical help for ward staff – its primary purpose:

  • For daily activities, approaches

  • For inspiration and feeling warmly about CAMHS inpatient care and your role

  • For the “We could/already do that!” effect

  • A new batch of ‘challenges’ – structure, motivation etc for incremental changes (a follow-up set to Star Wards’ original 75 Ideas)

  • Introducing and adapting (systematically or ad-hockly) the ideas in the ‘Tweaking, Turning, Transforming and Translating’ And then celebrating your successes and challenges.


  • Ward staff and volunteers. CAMHeleon could be used in training sessions, or relevant chunks/chapters given to people. Especially useful for induction.

  • Helpful information for families, parents and carers.

  • Qualifying and CPD training for nurses, doctors, psychologists, OTs, pharmacists – clinicians that need to appreciate what’s possible on mental health wards

  • Support staff like security, catering, estates.

Campaigning – staff and young people can use the examples and evidence base to influence positive change

  • Service user organisations, especially those working collaboratively with wards

  • Academics, regulators, boards, commissioners, Clinical Commissioning Groups, to inform expectations/standards – including in trusting staff and patients and arriving collaboratively at standards!

Contributing! Becoming part of this colourful compendium of great CAMHS inpatient care, letting others know about the ways in which young people benefit from your care. Click here to send us your best practice examples
Want to tell others about CAMHeleon and bring it into your setting? Use this ready-made presentation.


A Random Idea:

Be sure to facilitate shared decision about treatment options.


Caring Relationships
Opportunity and Expression
Leisure and Therapeutic Activity
On and Off the Ward
Relational and Physical Safety
Family and Friends
Unique Recovery Journeys
Leisure and Growth